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Earlier than I say many thank you you could be allowed to subscribe to this group. I ask for advice, sir. I even have a industry in prenchise crispy potatoes, thank God I already have 3 issues (outlets), but I all the time have problems, it's all the time tricky to discover workers to seem to be after my outlets. (HR problem). please advise. thank you

Congratulations yes, you already have 3 points, hopefully the issues will growth to develop into a level with 30 or 300 outlets.

It's an irony, within the midst of excessive unemployment rates, workers are tricky to find. And certainly here is a truth that's also confronted via many entrepreneurs, equally big entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs.

If you notice the quantity of activity advertisements within the newspaper, that skill corporations are nonetheless seeking nice employees.

To discover nice employees, there are 3 steps you'll be able to take;

1. Maintain nice employees. The method is a lot. We talk at different times.

2. Dismiss workers who aren't nice / now not in accordance with our corporate culture, so that purely nice workers are left.

3. Looking for new employees, continuously (that's why many activity advertisements within the newspaper).

Three of the above efforts have to be finished continuously, so that our dream workforce could be shaped at any point.

Another step you'll be able to do is rotate workers from one level to another.

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