Sindir Rokhmin Dahuri, Susi: The Bankrupt Industrial Fish Theft

The Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs in 2001-2004, Rokhmin Darmin, accused that the fishing business is recently in a collapsed as a consequence of the various regulations which might be prohibited. Responding to this accusation, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries  Susi  Pudjiastuti  also quipped that the bankrupt fishing business is the only who loves to do unlawful fishing or theft.

"What is bankrupt and destroyed is the fish theft industry. The fish theft business is certainly bankrupt," he wrote by means of the official Twitter account @susipudjiastuti on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Susi ensured that she could now not permit the fishing business to steal fish. "BTW Foreign ships had been legalized to be Indonesian-flagged in 2001," stated Susi again.

Susi even referred to as on residents to damage the fish theft industry. He also questioned, which fishing business went bankrupt as a consequence of his regulations whereas he was the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

If it's clean the lists of fishing firms are out of business, Minister Susi will explain, what reasons the closure of a fishing industry. "The listing wouldn't attain 100, the proprietor / agent is at most 20 to 30 people," Susi added. He also quoted a information web page that confirmed the welfare of fishermen improved.

Susi's statement that stated the lives of fishermen had more suitable was agreed by one netizen who claimed to be near the fishermen. "I am nicely conscious of the small fishermen who've loved from the mother's policy, and a few bankrupt entrepreneurs I actually have seen, in simple terms the accomplices of fish thieves from different countries," stated Twitter account @ taufikaris1613.

There also are different chants pitched in aid for Susi. "We are with you ma'am, in removing fish thieves. Every coverage ought to have an effect, there ought to be completely glad and unhappy people. Over the years unlawful fishing has reaped vast profits, now could be the time for fishermen to achieve wide revenue they usually (illegal fishing ) is destroyed, "writes the Twitter account @ronald 192708 .

Many residents who aid what has been accomplished Susi  Pudjiastuti with regulations issued. Susi Air's boss was appointed as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries within the era of President Joko Widodo, the primary volume.

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